String Phenomenology 2018
will be held at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Warsaw
on July 2-6, 2018

Plenary sessions of the StringPheno18 and the public talk will take place in the Main Aula of the Faculty of Physics, at the ground floor of the Physics Building, Pasteura Street 5 (room 0.03).

Registration desk will be located in front of the entrance to the lecture hall.

Phenomenological aspects of string theory have moved to the forefront of research efforts in the theoretical high energy physics community. This conference aims at bringing together top researchers in the field to present and discuss recent breakthroughs bridging fundamental theory and its implications for particle physics and cosmology. A special emphasis will be placed on innovative mathematical techniques and an effort will be made to include a number of leading mathematicians and mathematical physicists. We are particularly keen to encourage young researchers and will attempt to feature their work prominently at this conference.

Public talk by Fernando Quevedo

The Search for the Fundamental Theory of the Universe

Thu 05.07.18 6:00 pm


Steven Abel

Ignatios Antoniadis

Ralph Blumenhagen

Robert Brandenberger

Wilfried Buchmueller

Michele Cicoli

Mirjam Cvetic

Ulf Danielsson

Anne C. Davis

Keith Dienes

Emilian Dudas

Iñaki Garcia Etxebarria

Alon Faraggi

James Gray

James Halverson

Michal P. Heller

Gabriele Honecker

Sven Krippendorf

Marek Lewicki

Andre Lukas

Fernando Marchesano

Liam McAllister

Miguel Montero

Shinji Mukohyama

Hans Peter Nilles

Burt Ovrut

Fernando Quevedo

Fabian Ruehle

Misao Sasaki

Raffaele Savelli 

Geraldine Servant

Gary Shiu

Stephan Stieberger

Marika Taylor

Washington Taylor

Irene Valenzuela

Thomas Van Riet

Patrick Vaudrevange

Timo Weigand

Ivonne Zavala



Faculty of Physics

University of Warsaw

Pasteura 5

02-093 Warsaw, Poland

The meeting is organized by the Faculty of Physics at the University of Warsaw and by the Division for Fundamental Interactions of the Polish Physical Society.


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